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Digital is death.

Shortly before the Tibetan highlands, a small clearing, dressed with black fern which sways to the rhythm of the sun, extends itself. Here you can meet the inhabitants of a sleepy coastal village, who had found the remains of a huge comet years ago. A viscous dark mass that they turned immediately into brownies with ice cream and pickles. The energy that was gained from the process drives huge machines, planting Anemones and helps the bees with their mating rituals. Every 1210 years when the planets order in a circular orbit, a child is born into this magical world, who comes to change everything.

Viktor grew up in a musical family on the outskirts of a small mountain village. Early on, he discovered his love for nature and analogue soundscapes. He devoured all the sounds of nature and the vastness of the Antarctic wilderness and distilled from them his deep sound which accompanies him until today.






nice interview with tanzgemeinschaft.com


Viktor Talking Machine could be the name for a bot doing automated answering tasks for phone services. But it is not. No automation at all. Viktor Talking Machine is a jovial duo hailing from Eastern Germany with a great passion for music, campaigning ‘digital death’. After our interview, we felt that we are very much like-minded, not about ‘digital death’, but the fact that music should be a unifying factor. Not just any music made by anyone, but music and people who create memorable experiences that inspire and invoke emotion.

Viktor Talking Machine joined the fantastic monaberry family a while ago. A great label with artists like Super Flu, Ole Biege and the so much anticipated Andhim, The latter is flying high the past 2 years. Viktor Talking Machine fits perfectly in this bunch of great artists.

We took us some time and contacted them to see if they were up for a talk. They gladly accepted.

Hey boys, how are things nowadays?
First of all Happy New Year to you and your beloved people. Things are getting bigger nowadays. We play more clubs and festivals and are so excited about what is coming next. Hopefully more music from us… That is what we are working on at the moment.

How do you define your music and at least your sound?
Our sound is a journey. A journey through great house music and awesome artists beside the Top Ten. We try to tell a story and show people some unknown tracks. Tracks that are a multiplier to your feelings. But while playing an 8 hour set it is impossible or unbelievably boring to just play one style. So we react to the people, slow them down, speed them up or let them stand there. Unbelievable what strange music is being played currently. At the end a special song has to stick in their head. Our own music is more four-to-the-floor with a special groove. We always try to include a lot of field recordings and unusual sounds to get a deeper and wider track.



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